Cannot paste into objects line

Problem: I am selecting a range of audio from a different slide and pasting it into the current slide. I can do this easily as long as I don’t make any mistakes. There is already an audio track in the slide, but I have pushed it forward using a freeze time insert. When I paste in the new audio it appears in a new track called “objects”. I can select the “objects” line and continue to paste new audio into it as long as I work forward from the leading edge. But if I try to paste in a range where audio already exists in the objects line, ActivePresenter gives me a new audio track “Audio_002” above the objects line and puts the paste there instead of inserting the new piece and pushing the following pieces down the line. Even more puzzling, if I delete a range from the end of the objects line, I still can’t insert a new range into the line. Now ActivePresenter still creates a new audio track and inserts the range into that new track. I don’t understand why ActivePresenter works this way. It is not a critical problem and I understand that the audio will all be mixed down when I export the project, so in one sense it does not matter how many tracks I have. But it makes it harder to keep track of where all my edits are and ensure the timing is always correct. Can someone explain why ActivePresenter behaves like this? Is there a way to “refresh” the objects line so that I can again paste onto the end of it?

ActivePresenter version: 8

OS: Windows 10



We’ll improve this feature in the future updates.
In the meantime, if a pasted audio is on the new line, you can drag it manually to the end of any existing audio object line you want.


Thanks! It worked like a charm! I never thought to try to just move it manually, but now I’m coming to understand that is a major feature of ActivePresenter.