Cannot find API documentation


I’m new to Saola Animate (on Windows) and am just trying out the software. I’m coming from Tumult Hype (my primary machine is Windows and Hype is just for macOS, so, that’s a reason). My point is, no matter how hard I try, there are going to be comparisions from my end in the two extremely similar softwares, so, please excuse that.

The first impressions of the application is great and I’ve already found a lot of features missing in the other one. However, I am not able to find a proper JavaScript documentation (all APIs) and thus, am ending up trying to find almost everything on the forum. I am not talking about the user manual, I’m asking for a documentation to be able to access the built-in features of the application. I have found it in the section where I can add a new function, but, I’d like if there’s a web-based documentation. Is there one available?

Hi Hrishikesh,

You can select Show API option when editing a JavaScript function to show the documentation for JavaScript APIs:
You can also find them in Chapter 14: JavaScript > JavaScript APIs of the PDF user manual.
But there’s no web-based documentation for JavaScript APIs yet.


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Okay, got it. Thanks for the info.