Cannot create project with specified name


ActivePresenter Version: latest

OS: Windows


Another error is


That means ActivePresenter doesn’t have enough permission to write to that location. Please try to change the permission or run the program as Administrator to overcome the issue.



The problem may come from Windows or ActivePresenter depends on PCs.

Check if it is a Windows problem:

Open your web browser and press Ctrl+ S, the save the file to Documents folder: C:\Users<your_user_name>\Documents.

If you can not save the file, so it is a Windows problem.

There are some tricks to fix this problem on Microsoft forum at:

If the problem persists, you can try the steps as the case of an ActivePresenter problem.

An ActivePresenter problem:

I am not sure if it is actually an problem of ActivePresenter but the following workaround will help:

  • Create an data folder outside the Document folder, for example a folder named ActivePresenter on Desktop.
  • Inside that folder, create two folder: ActivePresenter Projects and ActivePresenter Templates.
  • Start ActivePresenter, click Preferences (the Gear icon) > General and set Project Location and Template Location to these folders.
  • Click OK and restart the program.


I’m sad today, don’t you want to watch it

activepresenter it says could not create project file with specified name the reason for my error this time is I will tell the you that the day before the video is done I edit and edit, then I publish the video before publishing so i play games with software after realizing i found activepresenter affected by heavy game after reinstalling activepresenter press spin it says could not create project file with specified name i’m very sad you can help can i fix the error?

Hi Princess_Michi,

Are you using any Anti-virus software? If yes, please make sure that it doesn’t block ActivePresenter from writing to the Documents folder.
You can also try changing the default project location to a different folder in ActivePresenter > Preferences > General > Project Location to see if it helps.