Can Saola Animate trigger/run fullscreen video files

Can Saola Animate trigger/run fullscreen video files? For instance, can I create an intro for a game/animation that is a video file and run this on play? Can I create menu buttons that will play further video files if need be?

Yes, it’s possible thanks to the Play Video Full Screen action. Please be noticed that this action only takes effect if it’s initiated by a user action (e.g. click, keydown). So we must add this action to a user initiated event, as described in the steps below:

  1. Select the button and open its Event Handlers window from Properties or Timeline pane.
  2. In the Event Handlers window, select Mouse Click event.
  3. Select Add Action > Media > Play Video Full Screen then select the video in Target Object column. This action just shows the video in full screen mode, it doesn’t play the video. So you may need to add Start Media action if the video doesn’t have playback animation or autoplay feature enabled.