Can i record coordinates of click in hotspot?

Problem: Is it possible to record the coordinates of a click in a hotspot activity?

ActivePresenter Version: Required.

OS: Required.



Can you explain why do you need to record the coordinates of a click in hotspot questions?


When a student makes a mistake and clicks an incorrect area, i would like to know specifically which part of the image is drawing them away. It allows me to work this out without having to guess all possible incorrect areas and creating regions for all of them.
Is there any javascript i could run that would record all click coordinates over the whole slide? Or some other work around?

You can create a grid of hotspots very quickly, just add one hotspot then copy/paste it.
It’s more simple, fast and convenient than using script.


Unfortuantely for my usecase i need to know exactly where within a hotspot they have clicked.
The tool to create hotspots is excellent, but for some of my images i would need thousands of tiny hotspots to know which feature in the image they’re actually clicking.