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Calling Functions & Drag-n-drop tips

Hi, Toan Le,

I cannot thank you enough for all the support both you and Saola Animate have given with the drag and drop programming. You and your company are OUTSTANDING and respond to questions in a quick and efficient manner. I have hopefully a questions that can be answered. The drag and drop file works perfectly when the user is using a mouse/cursor. Do you have JavaScript that will let the user use their finger and touch pen to drag and drop the dragsouce into the droptarget? Sorry to bother you on this, but I have searched for days for JavaScript to do this and can’t find something that works.

Live, laugh, and love life,


Hi Steven,

I don’t know any JS library that works well with both mouse and touch devices.
But there’s some small libraries that make JQuery drag-drop works on touch devices.
You can try this one:
Just download jquery.ui.touch-punch.js and add it as a resource into your project. Please make sure that it’s included after jQuery UI.


YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Thank you! This works perfectly!! Live, laugh, and love life, --Reff–

Just out of interest, I was wondering how Drag & Drop support was doing on the possible features for Saola?