Button to print a slide after published (html5)

Hi all (sorry I’m not English fluent)

just want to ask if it possible to print a slide after published (html5)
I mean if i can make a button when the user click on it he can print just the current slide ( i used to do that with flash (action script))


Please try following steps:

  • Insert a button (Interactions > Button).
  • In the Properties pane, select the Interactivity tab, expand the Events - Actions section.
  • Add the On Click event to the button, then add a Execute JavaScript action to the event.
  • Add “window.print()” to the JavaScript action.

Note: This solution will print all content in the current page.


Thank you so much
just other problem can I print a selected aera from the slide (exclude the print button for example)

Unfortunately, it seems there is no way to achieve this.