Button, State changes on Rollover

Dear support,
I’m currently facing a problem with states in my Christmas calendar presentation:
On my starting slide I have several button objects with the states “Normal” “Disabled” and “Visited”.
Onclick I change the state (to Visited), forward to a specific slide and then go back to the starting slide.
This works so far, however if I come back and mouseover a button the button’s state seems to change. However this behaviour is not implemented and there is now Rollover action assigned to the button. If I reload the starting slide the states are set correctly.
Do you have any hints how to identify the problem?
Best wishes

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.2

OS: Windows 10


Hi Ludger,

Let me give you some helpful information.
If you use a button with built-in states, hovering the mouse over it will make it change to the Hover state.
In case you want to use custom states and not be affected by mouse event, you can consider using shape instead of button.


Thank you, Thuy. I will then try to change the shape.
Best wishes