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Button duplication

The idea is to get the hover button to expand when clicked on across the screen. So I have created: normal button, hover button and whiteout button (the one that expands).

Trying to get the whiteout button - to align with the normal and hover buttons (same shape, size, placement) across different screen sizes but somehow unable to do so. The whiteout button is a little bit to the left on smaller screen sizes. One of them is an object grouped with a text and another is a simple object. Does that difference have something to do with it?

Button - Duplication.saola (125.1 KB)



Hi Shawn,

You can see exact position value of a selected element in Properties > Position & Size tab.
In your project, the whiteout left is 50% while the group left is 45%, so they aren’t aligned.
You can select them all and set the same value in Properties, or by using Alignment toolbar.

By the way, there are some other issues:

  • You can double-click a div or shape to add text, don’t need to add a separate text element.
  • Don’t create responsive layouts if it’s not required as in this project.
  • In the future, please share project package (File > Save As > Package), not project file only because it doesn’t contain resources.