Built-in javascript functions

I have noticed that there are multiple built-in functions for javascript that exist to make it easier for people to interact with the objects in a project; for example the .dropHelper.droppedObjects() function for checking all items accepted by a drop target. I was wondering if there was any way for me to find the full list of functions that can be used within ActivePresenter because I don’t believe the manual contains all accessible functions. For example, I was wondering if there were any ways to interact with the text entry object and whatever is input using a javascript action.
Thank you in advance for your help


Actually, we see that built-in functions for javascript can be changed.
At this time, we are not ready to public them and also don’t have the document.
Feel free to let us know if you need any support when working with the app.

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Ah I see, fair enough. Thank you for your quick response.
I was wondering if there was a function for accessing the user input for any text entry object on the slide.


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Hi Nukubi,

You can use text() or value() function to get the user input from a text entry object:

var textEntry = prez.object('text entry object name');
var textInputValue = textEntry.text(); // or textEntry.value();


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