Bug or wrong setting in capture applications

Hi all,

I think I am found bug. Trying to start recording screen of video lecture (in attachment) I am noticed that actualy newer realy record application but part of the screen. When you open for example word you will record what you type in word not in video lecture. You can test easely with screenshot. So bug or wrong config?


Do you use multiple monitors? If so, please make sure they have a same scaling setting (DPI setting) since ActivePresenter doesn’t work well with multiple monitors which have different DPIs. You may also need to restart the program after changing DPI.


It is laptop with additional monitor. Picture is only on one monitor so there is no problem with resulution.
Also, I do not want just to take screen. This settings is to catch only one application regardles is it on screen or not?

I am sorry for misunderstanding. ActivePresenter will record anything inside the blue rectangle. Recording application window without screen background is not supported.