Bug in Documentation

The manual announces prez.Submit() available in advanced actions, but in fact it seems to be pres.submit()

ActivePresenter version: [UserManual9_en.pdf](file:///C:/Program%20Files/ATOMI/ActivePresenter/UserManual9_en.pdf)

OS: windows10



Thank you for letting us know about this issue.

We have updated the user manual and uploaded it on our website. You can download it by clicking the User Manual button on the Tutorials page here: ActivePresenter 9 Tutorials - Atomi Systems, Inc.

Besides, the revised version will be incorporated into the application during our next update.

Have a nice day!

Hi @pbouille,

We have released an update (ActivePresenter 9.1.1) that fixes this issue.
To get the update, please go to the Help tab > Check Updates.

Have a great day!