Bold text not exporting properly

Problem: I have a lot of projects with a lot of text captions where the text was copied into them as bold text but the text box itself wasn’t set as bold. The text display properly (as bold) in the activepresenter program and previously the text exported properly (html5) but for some reason now the text is exporting as standard not bold. I could go back and manually set every text box to bold on the home tab but this would take a very long time so I’m hoping there is another way.

ActivePresenter version: 7.6.0

OS: Windows 10



Can you send your project and its external data folder (named PROJECT_FILE_files) (if any) or the slide that has problem so we can take a look?
You can attach it here or send to


Bold.approj (192 KB) (190.4 KB)

I’ve attached an example of what I mean

Hi Scott,

We have just sent you a test program for checking the problem via email.
Can you please check and let us know the result?