Blurry after export

Problem: When I export the video every few seconds the image becomes blurred

ActivePresenter Version:
MacOS Mojave


Did you mean the issue happens on YouTube? If not, can you please update to version 7.5.5 to see if it happens or not?


No it happens when I play it on quick time… I’ve even tried to upload it on Vimeo but the problem still persist… I’m updating ti 7.5.5 version

Let you know


I’ve updated to version 7.5.5 but the issue still do happen…
First 30 seconds of the exported video are good, then very few seconds becomes blurry
You can check it here

Please help me I really have to fix this problem

Thanks for sharing the video. We see the issue now. We will try to fix the problem in the next update.


Thank you please keep me updated