Blocking on attempts

Good morning, I generated an exercise with different types of activities. Select the correct option and others to select several answers, where the user has 3 opportunities to achieve it, if he does not do so, the answers are displayed and continue. But when trying to play it several times, it crashes and does not allow progress for more than the attempts are set to 3 and the review button is with conditionals and custom variables. What could be failing? Annex photo of the blockade


It would be helpful if you can send your project to so that we can check.


Done, I already sent it. I’m attentive, thank you very much

Hi Lau,

After checking your project, why don’t you use default events-actions of questions in ActivePresenter?
For your reference, you can set actions and conditions in the On Incorrect event of a question like this:

Besides, you just need to keep the Submit action in the On Click event of the button and delete all other actions.


It works correctly, thank you very much for the help

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