Blank slide in editing mode - thumbnail dark

Problem: The slide is blank in editing mode. When playing is visible. The thumbnail is dark.

ActivePresenter Version: Required. 8

OS: Required. Window 10

Notes: When I’m in editing mode, the slide is blank except for the shapes that I’ve added. When I press the preview/play button, the slide shows up while playing or in pause mode, but when I stop, it goes blank again. This is only affecting one slide of several in the project. I’ve seen this before and when I close the file then reopen it, it usually resolves itself, but I’ve done that several times now and it hasn’t resolved itself this time.

Hi Terry,

Maybe you accidentally hid objects in the editing mode.
To show them again, you can click the eye icon on the Timeline:



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You were right. I was thinking that that was to prevent payback of that slide, but it’s apparently just to eliminate distractions as you edit. My issue was that I needed it to see where to put my shapes. Thanks for your response.

Yes, it’s exactly the function of the eye icon. It doesn’t affect the content when previewing or exporting.