Banners created with Saola Animate


I have a webpage that uses Bootstrap 4. I created a simple animated banner with other tool and encapsulated it in a section located at the bottom of the page by using the iframe tag.

Then I created the same banner with Saola Animate to replace the initial banner.

Every time I open the page in a browser, it goes directly to the section (bottom of the page) where the Saola banner is. I replaced it with the initial banner and it works as expected ( the browser shows the top of the page only).

I replaced the iframe tag with the object tag and then with the emded tag, but the result is the same

Am I missing something that needs to be specified in the Saola Animate generated document?

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Javier,

A scene in Saola Animate will be focused automatically when it appears so that this issue occurs. You can prevent this default behavior by calling e.preventDefault(); in the Scene Activate event of the document as below:

  1. In the Document pane, click Event Handlers to open the Document Event Handlers window.
  2. Select Scene Activate event.
  3. Add Run JavaScript action:
    function onSceneActivated(doc, e) {