Background noise reduction option is disabled in Activepresenter 8

Hello there,
I’m recording my screen but my labtop fan sound disturbing the listeners, I tried to remove/decrease but the option ‘background noise reduction’ is disabled.
could someone help me how enable that?

ActivePresenter version: 8

OS: windows 10

look this screencast

Hi Zia,

This function is used for the audio file only, not the video file. You can separate audio from video, then reduce noise for the audio file. Although ActivePresenter doesn’t support detach audio from video directly, you still can do that with a few steps as in the following video:

Please choose audio source from your computer to enable the audio noise reduction function.

Best regards,

Thanks Hnag, I’ll try that.
and is that possible to merge back?


The only way to merge them back is by exporting your project to video. (Export tab > Video)