Background music range volume adjust issue

When using background music, it’s set to loop forever. However, if I select a range of the background music and lower that range’s volume (for example, there is a video play on the same page so I want the background music to be minimum), it can be seen that later in the timeline, the same range in the repeated background music got lower volume as well.

Specific example:
when I edit slide 1, and set 5-10 seconds of background music to low volume. then at slide 6, when the background music repeats, its 5-10 second range also got lower volume, which will appear to the user as background music is broken because there is no video being played at slide 6 and no need to lower background music’s volume.

ActivePresenter version:




Thanks for your feedback. It is an intended design since some users expect the program works in that way.
Please use another background music audio object for slide 6 which has lower volume to see if it can help.
We are also adding some functions to the Javascript API for controlling media. Hope it can address this use case.


But if I use a single background music that will autoloop, then there is no option for me to switch to another background music for slide 6, isn’t it?

Yes, you will need 3 audio objects for 3 ranges (slides 1-5, slide 6, and slides 7 - end).