Background color in export

When I export a video (avi or mp4) my white backgrounds are not exactly white in the export, but rather very light yellow (#fdfffc). This is a problem because I use several images video’s in the project, but the background of the imported video’s stay white. So there is a difference and it is very visible that the video’s where pasted in.

Things I tried:

  • Setting the background to white
  • Use a white image as background image
  • Draw a white rectangle in every slide and put it in the background
  • Using full JPG-color range when exporting video
  • Putting a white png in the bottom layer of each slide.

All to no avail. Any ideas?

ActivePresenter Version: 7.01

OS: MacOS Sierra


We have fixed an issue related to this problem in version 7.2.0. Please update to the latest version to see if it can resolve the issue or not.



Thank you. I installed the update and that did solve the problem. Great!