Automatically play on mobile

Hi Team Atomi!
Any presentation on your phone does not automatically play

I need any presentation to play automatically, regardless of its content when accessed by the mobile

ActivePresenter Version: 7.0
OS: Android Chrome or Firefox same problem. Thanks!!!



Please update to the latest version (7.5.2) if possible. Please note that some browsers doesn’t allow playing content with audio automatically without user’s interactions. So, it is recommended to put a button to start presentation in the first slide.


In my projects in Active plus have a button to start the presentation, milestone the option to start the videos automatically, however, does not work. How can I resolve whether my audience uses phones and tablets? Please help me! ´-)

Hi Alexandre,

In the latest version (7.5.2), the HTML5 presentation will play automatically (though it may be muted if the viewer doesn’t click the presentation before playing video).
So please update to the latest version and export your project again.


Ok Toan! Thanks a lot!