Auto Backup Not Working


Unless I’m doing this wrong, auto backup is not working. The little asterisk that displays next to the project name when you make a change to the project should disappear when the project is saved or backed up, but I have enabled the feature and tried different time settings, and it never performs the auto backup. I am turning on the setting in preferences and setting a time duration and clicking ok, then make an edit or change to my scene and watch the asterisk, but it never goes away until I press ctrl +s or when I go to close it will ask if I want to save changes.

Hi Locky,

Auto-Backup helps you recover your work after an accidental closure or crash. It isn’t intended to replace a manual save.


Thanks trangtt, you said,

Ok, i am curious then, why does it have a time interval choice, mine is set to 1 - minute, according to the image above. So every minute what is the program doing, because it says “Automatically create backup every 1 minutes”…where is it creating and storing that backup? Thanks for any help.

That time interval setting is to tell Saola Animate to automatically create a back up of the opening project every 1 minute.
How Saola Animate stores the backups is internal implementation and can be changed between versions. Users shouldn’t care about that.

All you need to know is that in case of crashes, you will have the chance to recover the most recent edits you’ve made up to the last one minute.


Great explanation, it makes sense to me now ( stored internally and available after a crash ), I kept looking for a folder of backups. :crazy_face:

Thanks dangle.