Audio Tools: declicker, normaliser - external plugin support

The background noise removal is a great step forward but on the whole I was disappointed.
Before version 7 came out I had requested.

  1. a de-clicker tool to remove the sound of mouse and keyboard clicks
  2. Volume normalisation tool so that the audio amplitude is maintained at roughly the same level throughout

I was told that these would be in version 7 but sadly they are not.

Such tools are a common part of many audio suites and there are also some common plugin standards that allow external audio tools to be used with different software suites.
Support for these external plugins would be a giant leap forward.


It seems you have requested following:
-Support VST or AAX plugins
-Normalise Audio Volume

We are sorry for any misunderstanding you may have. We didn’t state that they will be available in version 7. Since there are a lot of requests and our resources are limited, we can only works with features which demanded by many users.