Audio synchronization and webcam recording

Problem:Hello, I always find small sync problems between audio and webcam recording. I use notebooks with Intel i7 + sck Radeon graphics + 16MB Ram. AUKEY webcam, headphones / microphone Shennaiser (microphone source). Windows 10, bitdefender antivirus. It also happened with previous versions.
I don’t think it’s due to my PC.
WEBcam audio is always shorter than webcam video. Even if I move it, it stays out of sync.
Nobody has ever had this problem. Do I have to change any settings?
Thanks for your answer.
Salvatore (from Italy)

ActivePresenter Version: 7 and 8

OS: win10



Can you please try using H.264 video codec for recording screen and webcam, and select “Use Direct3D for recording screen” to see if it helps. For changing these settings, please take a look at