Audio resources export as m4a format for SCORM, is there a way to change to other formats?

Problem: The LMS that we are uploading to seems to be not able to support m4a format for audio. Is there a way to set that the audio resources are exported as mp3?

ActivePresenter version: 9



Hi Ian,

ActivePresenter 9 uses the AAC audio codec ( Advanced Audio Coding - Wikipedia) inside the m4a container instead of MP3 since MP3 is deprecated. There is no option to export audio resources as mp3.
The best way is to ask your LMS’ adminstrator to add m4a support in the server configuration. Otherwise, you can consider using the version 8 as a workaround.


Thanks for the quick response, exploring the workaround to use version 8. Is there a way to bring down and import my project resources which I had used for Version 9, into Version 8?

noted that currently i can’t open a project created in version 9 into version 8.


Converting from version 9 projects to version 8 ones is not supported. If you just want to use the resources, you can select View > Resources then right-click the resources > Export To File…