Audio Plays and Mute is Not On but No Sound

I am having a hard time understanding how ActivePresenter works with audio that I import.

I have imported an audio file (WAV) and inserted a button that pauses the presentation until clicked. The audio is paused (that’s great) but when the button is clicked, the audio plays without any sound. I tried to turn on Autoplay but it starts playing immediately and doesn’t wait for the button click.

I’m so confused on how to get this to work. It’s very frustrating that something so simple should be so difficult to get to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Stephanie,

Just so I am clear - we’re simply looking for a button to start playing your audio?
Or was there another subtle requirement along with that which I missed?

Hi Greg,
I actually I think I figured out a way to get it to work. I had a button that was pausing the presentation but when it was clicked, the audio was playing but no sound was heard. The mute option was off for the browser, too. I had been trying different variations and finally found the way that seems to work.

I have it working now by turning on Autoplay for the audio (which is a weird setting if you ask me but it is what it is - LOL). The audio was playing before but no sound and now with Autoplay turned on, it seems to be working okay.

I’m still learning some of the nuances of this software (after having experience with another similar software.)

Thanks for responding, though, because I was getting just a tad frustrated. :confused:

OK - glad to hear you have something that is working for you.

There are some subtle things that can come into play - especially with audio.
There are some browser restrictions involving autoplay that cannot be circumvented.

Another area to be mindful of is whether or not you have any pause points in the timeline and whether or not the slides are set to auto advance.

Then you have the difference between what I would call slide audio versus event audio. Slide audio would be tied to your timeline whereas event audio would run independent of the timeline.

Welcome and don’t hesitate to ask more questions if you have them.

That’s great information - thank you! I saw that I could add audio as an event so I may want to do that for some items. I’m guessing that would give me much more flexibility with the audio and how it can be used on a slide.

Thanks again!