Audio object sound levels inconsistent

Problem: when I place sound annotations on slides containing screen capture (with audio) it plays the annotations back at a different volume (more quietly) than if the same sounds annotations are used on slides with no additional audio. This effect is seen whether I record the annotation in ActivePresenter of if I import a sound file I have created using another program. I have not adjusted the volume playback level on any of my test slides and the effect is still there.

Is this a bug or a feature? How can I make sure that sound annotations will all play back at the same volume - whether or not they are in a slide containing other audio tracks?

ActivePresenter Version: 6.1.2

OS: Windows 10


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It should not be a feature. Can you please check to see if the issue happens with exported video or not?


I experienced something similar
It turned out that two sound annotations on the same line were overlapping slightly
I’d moved a group of objects on the timeline but AP hadn’t placed the audio items adjacent to each other, it had actually overlapped them on the same line.
When I dragged the audio objects apart the sound played correctly.

It is of course possible to increase the volume on a selected sound object, there’s an adjust volume button on the tool bar. That allows the relative volume of two sound items to be balanced in the manner you wish.


When I export the video, the sounds are at the correct level in the MP4 file. So, the problem only exists in the preview mode.

So, I suspect it’s a bug then?

Hi Paul,

I don’t think it is the issue you describe. If I capture a slide and then create an audio annotation over the top so that the sound annotation extends past the screen capture video, then the sound level in the annotation suddenly increases as soon as the screen capture video ends.

But, if I export the video, then it sounds fine on that. So, there is a work around.

Hi David,

This issue maybe related the way that ActivePresenter handles multiple sound tracks but it seems only happens on some specific hardwares. We will try to fix it in version 7 which is coming in one or two months.


Thank you - that will be a great help.