Audio not recorded after recording

Problem: Hello. After I recorded a video, it seems to be muted, with no sound recorded, even though after I exported the file into mp4 format, there is an audio file with approx. size of 3 gb. Is there anything that can be done ? I can provide a log if needed. Thanks in advance !

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.4

OS: Windows 10



Make sure that you export your project to video by accessing the Export tab > Video instead of right-clicking the video time bar on the Timeline pane.
Otherwise, please send the log of ActivePresenter so that we can check further.
To view the log, in Start Page , click Preferences (the Gear icon) > Miscellaneous > View Log . In case the log file is large, you can send it to:


Hi Sppy1,

Thanks for sharing the log.
According to the log, your computer has two audio output devices: Speakers (Synaptics Audio) and Headphones (Synaptics Audio) and the first one was selected for recording audio. Maybe audio was played through the second one at that time so problem occurs. If so, there is no way to recover audio in this case.
In the next time, please don’t plug/unplug audio device while running ActivePresenter and make sure the correct audio input is selected before recording.


Thank you very much !!! :slight_smile:
I made two more recordings and everything seems fine.

Best regards !