Audio missing/ not working

The audio is missing from the recording I took. It worked the first time I previewed the recording, but the app crashed and now my audio does not work.

ActivePresenter version: 8.3.2 - 64-bit build

OS: Windows 10

Notes: The app seems like a great concept but upon my first impression it is very buggy and flawed. Please recover my audio file.


Please make sure to turn the audio on before recording:

Regarding the lost audio, could you please take a look at the cached folder C:\Users\Username\Documents\ActivePresenter\.ActivePresenterCachedProjects to see if there are any audio files?
Note that“.ActivePresenterCachedProjects ” is a hidden folder so you might need to turn the “Show Hidden Files” option on to see it.
If there are audio files here, you can copy them to another folder and open them with ActivePresenter for editing. Otherwise, there is no way to recover your audio, unfortunately.

In addition, if it crashes again, please fill in your email address and describe the problem in the crash report dialog when it shows up. This can help us a lot in finding the reason why ActivePresenter crashed on your computer.

Best regards,