Audio Lost and Recovery

Good Afternoon, I began recording my screen for a presentation and it was recording but when I went to end the recording the icon dissappeared suddenly and I checked and it said that the source was not found. The name of audio is there but no sound is coming out. Was there a way to recover the audio file, I also have the log?

Hi Keonna,

Please share the log so that we can check.
To view it, click ActivePresenter button > Preferences > Miscellaneous > View Log.
If the log file is large, you can send it to


i already export the video. but then the sound of the video only has like 10 minutes in the beginning. why??? please help me

It is quite strange that the video only has 10 minutes in the beginning. Did you see the audio wave in the Timeline Editor? If possible, please send us the project file (including the external data folder named inform ProjectName_files) so we can check.

If the project is large, please upload to a files sharing site and send us the link to download.