Audio from Final Cut audio track, not recorded

Problem: The Audio from an Apple Final Cut Video screen is not recorded. Normal?

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.4

OS: 10.13.6



It works fine in our test. The audio is recorded.

Please make sure you select system audio before start recording. If it still doesn’t work, please send us the log file of ActivePresenter.


Hello nammt,

Thanks for the fast response.

But…the sound of the Final Cut audiotrack is still not recorded.

System Audio is selected.

Purpose of this recording is to use it in a presentation on Keyframes.

Not able to attach the Logfile in this reply. What is the procedure?



Hi Jan,

Please send the log file to our support email:



Thanks for sharing the log. We have taken a look at the log but it seems fine. Did you follow the tutorial at for recording system audio? Please note that Background Music should be installed on your macOS.


Hello phuogdv,
Thanks for the fast response!
Installing the Background Music app gives the following results:
1.The pop-up screen is not showing as in the tutorial.
2. But Is installed in de audio preferences of OS and selectable.
3.Start recording. Waveform is now visible in the screen of the ActivePresenter.
4. No sound when playing the recorded video.
5. When exporting the video to .mp4 file THE SOUND IS OK!
So the end result is OK now.
Any idea what causes the problems of the Background Music pop-up screen and no sound when playing the recorded Video?
Best regards


Maybe the Background Music app was not installed correctly or it is blocked in macOS settings. Was there any message shown up when installing? Please also make sure that you have followed correct steps in the tutorial and make sure that ActivePresenter is started after starting Background Music.