Audio auto-play

Problem: Want to auto-play the audio attached to a text box when a slide displays. Also when I click on the text box, all audio attached to the page seems to play. Very confusing. I imagine there is a means of regulating the order and management of audio play but I cannot seem to locate that.

ActivePresenter version: Free version 8

OS: Windows 10

Notes: New user

Hi Peter,

When you insert an audio into a project, in the Audio tab of the Properties pane, please deselect the Autoplay check box if you don’t want it to automatically play:
Meanwhile, when you attach an audio to a text box, it will be played automatically.

You can adjust the time that the audio play by changing its positions in the Timeline pane.
For example, in the below image, I want the audio of the text caption to auto-play when a slide displays. Then after 8 seconds, when it finishes playing, another audio will start playing:


Thank you, much appreciated.