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Audio and video quality while exporting to HTML5


While exporting to HTML5, we have options of ‘Audio Bit rate’ and ‘Video Quality’ under Content. My query is:

Audio - we have options to choose the bit rate, is there any implication of the bit rate of the audio uploaded on the final output. Like choosing a higher bit rate than what was original bit rate of uploaded audio. Also about the audio format like MP3 or WAV that is uploaded? What format is the audio output after exporting?

Video - is there any reference chart for ideal video quality to be selected basis the size of the slide we are using? What if there is no video element used in the project? Also the quality of the video element if uploaded?

Not much information available in the user guide on online forum on this. thanks



The HTML5 output uses MP3 and MP4 (AAC audio codec, H264 video codec) formats. If the Include WebM & Ogg option is selected, Ogg (Vorbis audio codec) and WebM (Vorbis audio codec, VP8 video codec) formats are also used.

When exporting, audio and video are re-encoded to prevent unexpected problems in the original sources. So, the original bit rate or quality is ignored.

For audio, if content only contains voices, a low bit rate (64kbps) is fine.
For video, it depends on many factors such as the quality of sources, content of video… so the best method is trial and error. Common values are in range 60-90.