Assistance with Variable?

I have a slide (Home) that has three click boxes. The user clicks each box that displays another slide with content. Once they view the content slide, they click an X which returns them to the Home slide. I don’t want the Next button to appear until the user has clicked all three boxes on the Home slide. So when they click the X on that last content slide and they return to the Home slide, I want the Next button to appear. I have added the variables to the Next button If shape is equal to Clicked, then change state, but that is not what I am really wanting. How can I make the Next button appear only after user has clicked the three boxes? Since I"m returning to a slide does that mean it is starting over? Hope this makes sense.

Windows 10
ActivePresenter Professional 7.0.1

Hi LindaB,

Here is the tutorial for 2 click boxes:

You can apply similar logic for 3 click boxes. To show/hide the Next button, you can add the Show/Hide Object action into the On Load event of the slide and set appropriate conditions for it.