Assistance with Quiz Settings

Problem: This is the first quiz I am attempting to create and am having trouble understanding the instructions in the manual/tutorials. I want the feedback messages (Correct, Incorrect, etc. to display until the end of slide and not fade out. I have selected until end of slide but they still fade after 5 seconds. Also I want to add a Click anywhere to continue after the user answers the question, and can’t seem to figure that out. I’m assuming I add an invisible shape and set the interaction, but am having trouble. The only youtube tutorial on this is in an older version of ActivePresenter. The interaction for Submit is All showing interactions. I can’t find what that means. I am working within the Slide Master. Appreciate any help I can get on this.

ActivePresenter Version: 7.0.0.

OS: Windows 10



  1. Controlling feedback messages: You can set some options for the “Show Object” action, for example, show the object for x seconds,… Just select the interaction on the Canvas, look for the “Interactivity” tab on the Properties pane, expand Events - Actions group.

  2. You can add a Mouse Click interaction, change its size so that it covers enough area that you want, look for the Fill and Line groups in the Styles & Effects tab on Properties pane: Change the Fill to Solid Fill and set Opacity to 0; Change the Line property to No Line. Such object will be invisible but still be able to receive and handle mouse clicks. After that, feel free to configure its Events - Actions section as you want.


I am still having issues trying to set up a quiz question. I have everything working except the Next button I added to a Multiple Choice question. I have the Next button set to appear after the user selects an answer and clicks the Submit button. I placed a mouse click over it and set the opacity to 0 as instructed above. I have it set to Pause presentation to wait for user input. No matter what I do when I answer the question, then click the submit button, the Next button appears as it should, then the slide automatically advances to the next slide quickly. I want the user to click the Next button. Please help.

Oh My. I figured it out. I had a Continue Presentation action in there.