Assigning same event to multiple objects

Problem: Is there a simple way to assign the same JS-code to more than one object on a slide? Is it maybe possible to run a JS on load that does this?

Thanks, Rolf

ActivePresenter Version: 8

OS: Win 10


Hi Rolf,

You can reuse one or more actions by using Advanced Action as described at


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Thanks, Dao,

I think that is not what i Need.

I got 30+ objects in my slide that all trigger the same JS Event.
When I Need to the Change the JS Code, is there a way to get all 30+ objects to run the new JS Code other than copying and pasting the JS Action to each of These objects individually?

Thanks, Rolf

Sorry, ignore my post. This is exactly what I Need. Didn’t know how to delete my previous post. Thanks, Rolf

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