Assessment test not scoring correctly

Maths is not my strong point! Even I can see there is an issue with the scoring of my assessment package and would value your opinion

A user is reporting that when taking the assessment the first time he got 9/10 questions correct and scored 82% and had to retake the test (pass mark is set to 85% in the package publish settings and on the LMS), the user then got 10/10 which gave a pass of 91% - I have noticed this with other completers the maths is out!

Name of package PLA01 eMeds Prescriber Assessment
•14 slides in the package
•Slide 1 is title slide
•Slide 2 instruction slide
•Slides 3-12 are 10 multi choice questions
•Slide 13 report slide
•Slide 14 our contact details containing exit button
•The package has been created and published using Active Presenter
•The published pass condition is: percents of correct answers not less that 85%

Are you able to suggest what I can do to improve the scoring -
Would removing some of the intro and end slides help or is the publishing settings?

Many thanks

Hi Belinda,

Can you please share the project so we can check? You can email to us at