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Are scrolling pages possible?

Is it possible to “vertically” put more than one screen of content so that you would scroll down to see each additional page/screen just like you do on this support forum when you use the scroll bar to scroll down to see more content? Or can you only add another scene to simulate the next page down?

Hi Locky,

You can set the scene Overflow to Auto in Properties pane and place your elements outsite the scene area. There will be scrollbars to scroll to see these elements.


Oh yes, I see now, (don’t increase the height setting of scene) just place the elements below the existing layout and then SAOLA ANIMATE puts the scroll bars in if you have chosen Overflow = auto, thanks ToanLS.

ToanLS…I have a follow up question on this topic. When I do what you said, it does work, but when you change window viewing size the scroll bar on the right will drift over toward the left. Is there any way to force the scroll bar to stay all the way to the right of screen regardless of screen size?

Hi Locky,

It’s the scrollbar of the scene, so it’s attached to the right edge of the scene, not the document body.
You can set the scene width to 100% so that the scene fills entires the document and the scrollbar stays at the right edge of the document.
However, the AutoFit feature will not work in this case because the scene width is already equal to the document width.

If you want to keep the AutoFit feature, you can try as follows:

  1. Set scene overflow to Visible.
  2. Add the following script to Document Create event to customize the document fit function:
    var originalFit =; = function() {; = ''; = '';

With above steps, the scene content is visible on overflow, but the document will have scrollbars if the scene content size is larger than the viewport size.


Hi ToanLS,

Fantastic! That is exactly what I needed, thank you so much! :grinning: