Arabic writing (right to left direction)

Hi, I am a newly excited Active Presenter user. I have a long way to go :slight_smile:. I am trying to type in Arabic (it’s right to left text direction) it types well and fine, but I cannot see the (right to left direction button) as when I put a full stop at the end of the line (it should be at the far left of the text) it shows up on the far right. The same with special marks like score, underscore right justification, and so forth. Is there a way or a button to tell the app that the text I am writing right to left direction?
I hope there is a solution.

Hi Alhabi,

Unfortunately, the current version of ActivePresenter doesn’t support right-to-left language yet.



any update on when Arabic will be supported? We have been trying to localize to Arabic since Nov '21 and have been unsuccessful


Hi Sheree,

I’ve answered your question in this thread: Language Direction - ActivePresenter / Support Questions - ATOMI Community (