"Apply to All" for video settings is grayed out / disabled

Problem: the settings of a recorded video have to be defined for every new video. The apply to all button is disabled.

ActivePresenter Version: 8.0.0

OS: Win 10

Notes: see figure

Any idea how to activate the button?

Thanks in advance! Best regards!

Hi Marcel,

I guess that you want to have the same settings for Cursor Path of all newly recorded videos. To do that, please open the object settings view (View tab > Object Settings). You can refer to this tutorial and the below video for more information:

Regarding the Apply to All button, we confirm that this is a bug and we’re fixing it.


Hello Yen,

thanks for the support. The Object Settings are a great enhancement of the new release and inside the video you there is the important hint (Recording Settings -> Cursor Effects -> Theme Settings). Now it is working as i would have expected.