Application Freezes on trim video or scroll in timeline

On video editing, when I try to trim the video in timeline the app just stops responding.
There’s no crashing dialog, no closing. It just freezes with no error. I have to terminate the app and start again.

The problem also happens when I try to roll the scrollbar on timeline by clicking and dragging the bar.

ActivePresenter Version: 8.0.4

OS: Windows 10 64bits

I tried other solutions like selecting Software rendering options in Miscelleneous Tab.
I also tried to start program using Nvidia’s graphic card, with no success.


Can you please try updating graphics drivers to see if it works? If it happens when editing only one specific project, please share it and its external data folder named in PROJECT_FILE_files pattern if any so we can check. If the files are large, you can upload to a cloud storage site and email to us at