Application crashing after last update

Recently I upgraded the ActivePresenter application to version 7.5.6 (released 2019.03.28). After this update, the application crashes in the first few movements after recording a video. And it does not unlock. I’m forced to close the application on the go (using the Windows application manager feature).

Hi Gilberto,

Can you please tell was there any error report dialog shown up? If yes, please fill your email address and click the Send Report button so we can know the problem comes from you.


Unfortunately no screen with any message is displayed. The application simply stops running. I have noticed that this occurs quite frequently when I make some movement on the track (trimming). The application is installed on a computer with 16 GBytes of memory and Windows 10.

Another condition that I realize that always makes the application crash is when I want to give a preview in some recording by preloading the spacebar. Practically, if not every time I execute the preview by the space bar it starts the playback and after a few seconds it locks.

Can you please try the following to see if it can resolve the issue:

  • In Start Page, click Preferences.
  • In the Preferences dialog, select the Miscellaneous tab.
  • Check the option named “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering”.
  • Click OK and restart the program.


Hit the fly. I did some testing and so far there has been no locking. Everything indicates the rendering configuration. Thank you very much and congratulations for your acceptance.

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