AP9 - Scorm export size - 3 times larger in AP9!


I’m exporting to SCORM a previous AP file I have had since AP6.
In August, I exported it from its latest version in AP8 and the resulting SCORM file was 100 MB - now when simply opening and exporting with AP9, resulting SCORM file is 305 MB.

I tried with another smaller file:
AP8 - 30 MB
AP9 - 73 MB

This is very problematic for me as:
i. it will use up significantly more server space
ii. loading performance will be impacted.

Are you aware of this issue?
Is there a way I can for the meanwhile downgrade to AP8?

I have tested again and confirmed the issue - same file in AP8 - 100 MB, AP 9 (using AP8 file) - 300 MB, AP9 (using AP9 file) - 300 MB.
Could it be due to the “Audio quality %” - this is set at 90% in AP9 whereas in AP8 it is Audio bit rate 64 kb… ?

— update — I reduced the audio quality to 20% for test purposes and I still get 280 MB in lace of the previous 100 MB.


Hi Micheal,

I confirm it is an issue in audio quality setting in the HTML5 output. We will release a fix this week.

For your information:

  • ActivePresenter 9 uses the AAC audio codec ( Advanced Audio Coding - Wikipedia) instead of MP3 since MP3 is deprecated.
  • The quality in range [15-30] seems to be good for voices while music requires higher values.


Thanks for looking into this and providing the explanation.
I look forward to the update. Regards,

Hi Michael,

We have just released an update of ActivePresenter 9 that includes a fix for this issue.
It is currently accessible on our download page. Please check it out!
Besides, please note that when you export in version 9, the audio quality of around 30 - 50% will be the most suitable setting.