AP9 - Record screen - Records audio but no video


I’m recording screen as video which contains a video. This video is for an online class and has the youtube interface and the video is not public. Problem is, when I stop the recording and the AP 9 user interface comes up for editing the video, there is only sound from the instructor. I go to the location where I saved my project and I only see the wav file and there is no mkv file. Video card is AMD Radeon Pro W5500. I hope this makes sense.

I have no issues recording from a Windows 10 machine with the same version of AP.

OS: Windows 11 22H2


Hi Bill,

There are several causes of this issue when recording such long sessions, including insufficient disk space and recording for a long hour with FlashSV.
Please send us the log of ActivePresenter to support@atomisystems.com so we can exactly find the cause of the problem.
To view the log, in Start Page, click Preferences (the Gear icon) > Miscellaneous > View Log.

In the meantime, can you please check if there is any video file on the location:
If there is, copy it to another folder and open it with ActivePresenter for editing.

Best regards,

Solution found.

In Chrome Settings → System


Use hardware acceleration when available has to be turned off.

I may have changed it to be “on” a while back.

I’ve now run into another minor issue that relates to rendering the capture but its easily fixed. If I go the the Miscellaneous tab under Settings in AP9 there is a drop down option for Video Encoder. The default is Windows Media Foundation. If I change it to my video card, the rendered video has jitters.

Glad to hear that you found the solution on your own.

Regarding the jitters in your video, please send the log of ActivePresenter and a screenshot of the issue so that we can better assist you.