AP 8 buttons colorless?

I just downloaded AP 8.
I converted a project from AP7 to 8. Now I have uploaded it for testing. I have asked some friends to check it.
Android phones seem to work fine. But in a Iphone XS and Iphone 8 de buttons seem to disappear or they are colorless?
On Iphone 7 it does seem to work.

ActivePresenter Version: Required.

OS: Required.
windows 10 pro


When exported from AP7 this problem does not occur.
Strangely, not all Iphones seem to have this problem…


Can you please send the project to support@atomisystems.com so that we can check.
You can keep only one slide that has this issue and delete the others.


Dear ToanLS,

Thanks for the reply.

You should have an email.

I would like to address another (separate) issue.I removed all the slides from the project and saved it again (also in the pools I have created). But the size of the project does not decrease. I have also noticed this in the past for AP7
see image

best Jan

1 slide file is same Mb


I’ve requested to access your file, please accept.
I forgot to mention that to decrease the file size, you must select ActivePresenter menu > Project > Shrink: Delete All Unused Resources and Shrink.


Ah great!

I never noticed the shrinking possibility! Thanks

Learning every day :wink:

Best and good luck with the file