Any way to create responsive software simulations?

Hey guys, I am just learning Active Presenter. But I see no way to create a responsive project … any way to achieve this?
I want to record software simulations and view them on desktop and mobile.
I am on a Mac

thank you

ActivePresenter 6 only supports automatic scaling of simulations but not fully responsive design yet.

Support for fully responsive design with separate custom layouts for each screen dimension will be available in ActivePresenter 7.


Thank you.
And I guess there is no beta of presenter 7 for evaluation is available?
We are currently looking at Captivate and Presenter as authoring tool for long term.
And responsive projects support is an essential feature to us.


Yes, ActivePresenter 7 will be available this month and there is no public beta version before that.

We’ve written an article introducing the new features in AP 7 for elearning design months ago:

It does include responsive project design.


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Understood, thank you.
article looks good, let’s hope v7 comes out before we get Captivate.