Any known sound recording issues AP 7?

Problem: Recorded a screencast for about 27 min and the sound recording was fine until 11 min into the recording when it suddenly cut out, and came back intermittently and irregularly several minutes apart, sometimes for less than a second, sometimes for sveral minutes. Persisted for 13 min of the recording.

Another colleague just told me of having a problem with the recorded sound oscillating in normal volume to inaudible with an oscillation period of a few seconds.

Neither of us have had problems with our mics when using other programs e.g. Skype.

ActivePresenter Version: AP Free v 7.3.2

OS: Win7

Notes: My colleague downloaded AP just last week and has a new computer so his is probably Win10


We could not reproduce the issue in our test. It maybe a computer specific issue when working with ActivePresenter. Does your colleague’s computer has some configuration as yours? Can you please try following steps to see if it can help:

  • Uninstall the audio driver.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Install the latest driver from hardware manufacturer, don’t use the driver which is installed by Windows.


Probably not - I think he has Win10 and I have Win7, and our computers were configured totally separately.

I’ll see if the problem continues the next time I make a screencast. If so I’ll try as you suggested. I’ve been using AP for years and nothing like this had ever happened before until I updated to AP7, and so when my colleague also reported a sound problem I thought I’d ask if there are any known bugs.