Answers Not Saving

Hi. I’ve created a project in ActivePresenter 9 using some Drag and Drop Questions. Since the users will be young, I use audio feedback. For On Correct, On Incorrect, and On Incomplete, I add “Play Audio” and upload appropriate verbal feedback. However, when I try the activities in the HTML5 preview mode and then advance to the next slide, the drag sources are moving back to their original spots on the slide with the Drag and Drop question. They don’t stay where I put them when I practiced with it. I want the child to be able to come back to a slide to finish it later. I tried adding “Continue Presentation” but when I came back to the slide in that scenario, the drag sources were on different drop targets than I had placed them. The only time they will stay put is if I press “submit” first. I wouldn’t want the child to do this because the point is to allow them to come back and finish the activity later if they want. Is there some other event-action that I need to add to make the drag sources stay where the child placed them after advancing to another slide and then returning?

Hi Jennifer,

Could you please share your project and its external data folder named in the form PROJECT_FILE_files (if any) so we can better assist you with this case?
You can either upload it here or send it to our email at

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