Annual subscription problem

Problem:I have just paid my annual subscription through PayPal, closed the program, opened it again and it still has me listed as having a trial version of the software.

Saola Animate version:Version 2.0.3

OS: Windows 10

Notes: When I click on Help | About, the panel asks me to purchase a license. I’ve just purchased a license! I’m sure this isn’t a scam, but that’s what it looks like…At the top of the program it tells me that “Your free trial period will expire in 30 day(s). Purchase a license to avoid usage interruption” Have I or have I not purchased a license?

John Oakley

Ah. Scrub that! Opened and closed software a third time, and those warnings seem to have gone away! Put it down to paranoid buyer’s remorse and the impatience of a digital age! It’s a great product!


Thank you for the update, John!
I’m glad that it works.
Normally you need to sign out and re-signin your account in Saola Animate so that the license information is updated.