Animated timer does not pause or restart after slide revisit


Please find attached project.

I have used animated timer which does not pause animation within the timer. Visually it keeps moving however you can see the duration stopped in the player/progress bar at bottom. How can I set things up?

Also, when slide is revisited, animated timer should restart but it shows last frame of the animation provided by AP in the timer. Is it a bug or am I expected to set something?

AP 8.2.0 Pro on Win10
timer.approj (220 KB)

Hi Shri,

To pause and continue the Animated Timer, you can set the Pause Timer and Start Timer actions to its On Rollover and On Rollout events, respectively.

Besides, to reset the Timer in slide 1 after clicking the Skip button, you need to add the Stop Timer action to On Click event of that button. And then add the Start Timer action to On Load event of slide 1.

Here is our sample for your reference:
timer2.approj (216 KB)


Thanks a lot. It helped :slight_smile: